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no other song is “this generation’s bohemian rhapsody”

bohemian rhapsody is every generation’s bohemian rhapsody

Anonymous asked
What's your thesis?

Thanks for asking!

I’m designing a 60+ page magazine (I’m a graphic design major, so we have year long projects for thesis instead of writing a paper). 

It’s a women’s magazine that’s meant to be the opposite of current women’s magazines like Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and Vogue. All of the ridiculously photoshopped ads and images in those magazines set an unrealistic  and unattainable standard for beauty, which makes women feel horrible about themselves and leads to low self-esteem, depression, eating disorders, etc. 

It’s part of a larger problem with media as a whole, but I chose to focus on magazines because they’re the most easily altered. So my magazine won’t allow any Photoshop use to alter images, and will use a wider range of models to more accurately represent how women really are.

So that’s the basis behind the magazine, but I mostly wanted to choose articles that are educational and interesting and have good content, instead of articles about celebrity hairstyles and how to please a man. I named it Candid because it’s being truthful and straightforward :)

Here’s a preview of the cover/what some of the articles look like:

(whoa it really fucked up the color when it uploaded, it’s supposed to be blue not green lol wtf?? Please ignore that…)

Whoa it is really fucking up the colors lol. but this film noir spread uses my own photography of my roommate :)

So I basically wanted to focus on health (mental and physical) and providing actual interesting and enriching content. Most of the content is sourced from other magazines (I was going to write some articles myself but there was not enough time) and most of the images are also sourced from the internet, so please don’t save these/spread them around cause I don’t want to get in trouble! 

I’m only using this for school and will have a bibliography, so it’s fine in that setting, but I’m scared of getting in trouble by posting things on the internet. 

But anyways thank you for asking :) It’s been taking up most of my life for a long time, but the final critique is on Monday so I’m excited for it to be over.

I’ll probably post the full magazine when I’m done for anyone that wants to read it :)



bless your soul for following my multifandom blog even if you dont share all of my fandoms.

bless your soul for following me at all 


do you ever get into one of those situations where you’re like “I need to stop hating this particular person it’s not going to get me anywhere I’m just going to grow up and move on with my life” but then they do the tiniest thing to piss you off and then you’re like “nope fuck you right off I want to throw you off a bridge”





Mitt Romney’s family misspell their last name in the greatest Freudian slip in history.

i just spit my drink everywHERE omfG

I’m not even sorry





Mitt Romney’s family misspell their last name in the greatest Freudian slip in history.


i just spit my drink everywHERE omfG

Is it wrong to love this?

I’m not even sorry

Sue me, but I still think this arc is more about Jane than about Lisbon...


… I bet we see him go through a whole range of emotions over the next few episodes- this week, it seems to be a little on the “snarky and defiant” side, but I think he will get a lot more frantic the closer he gets to actually losing her…

And: people who know a lot about psychology are often the…

Damnit, I tried to actually log out of tumblr so that I could work on my thesis without getting distracted. Yet here I am…


what kills me about this scene is that he expects the very worst - the look on his face says it all. in that moment, i’m almost positive he’s imagining what would happen if lisbon had been shot and it had been fatal. he’s wondering whether or not to tell her that he loves her, because for all he knew, it could’ve been his last chance. 

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